Maxime is ons eerste hondje en hebben haar gekocht in Bergeyck bij Dhr. en Mevr. Damen. Zij heeft een heel rustig karakter en geeft dit beslist ook door aan haar pups. Verder is ze prachtig rood van kleur met een goed charbonnee.

Tervuren female

Though the females do not have the mane of hair around neck as prominent as seen in males, it does not affect their charm. Tervuren females are actually more gracious and elegant than males. They are more docile, just as easy to train, but somehow more obedient than the Tervuren male. If you cannot display a confident and natural authority over the dog, it will turn your life into a nightmare with funny moments.

Should you raise a Tervuren female?

If you want an intelligent pup with protective personality and sharp chasing instincts, you should get a Tervuren female. But you have to be the leader, train it every day and spend time together exercising, otherwise your friendly pet will become destructive and very hard to handle. This dog is likely to become dominant over other dogs, but make sure it will not try to control you, as well. Your personality matters a lot and, depending on how you will raise your Tervuren female, she might –or not – become aggressive or sociable.

Breed Tervuren only if you truly understand what it means to be alpha. Tervuren females will detect your weaknesses and they will sure take advantage of it. You will be manipulated and exploited, but if you have enough strength and endurance you can cope with it and even control your puppy. Talk with someone experienced before actually breeding a Tervuren female and learn if you are able to raise a bigger family of Tervuren dogs.

The breed is quite healthy, their elegance catches the eye and their temperament makes it a great choice for people who have an active lifestyle and enough time for their dog. But because they have a tendency to overeat, they might get lazy and obese. Keep your Tervuren female fit and healthy, teach her some basic commands and you will sure enjoy breeding this lovely dog!