Teefjes, keurmeester mevr.S. Dubach Gentle 4 VB puppyklasse Djuna U en Naomi U open klasse Daylight U fokkersklasse Zondag zijn Daylight, Fender en Eros alle 3 geslaagd voor de gedragstest met SOCIAAL +!! SHOW DORTMUND Eurosiegershow , Levy 1st en RCAC kamp.klasse, keurmeester P. Stern-Hanf FCI jahr 100, Levy 3U kamp. klasse, keurmeester Stagnius-Schreur -Show Leiden Eye Catcher 1U , CAC/CACIB en BOB! Fender 1U. keurmeester Dhr. vd Berg Daylight, 1 ZG

Beau (Red Joke-Macy v Lana's Hof X Tirza-Phourka v. Astrita Hof) Born: 03-02-2004 HD-A, Norb 33 Sociaal + Father off the C and D litter NJK, NED KAMP Be my Levy The Mystic Angel (High Clearings Apollo X Tirza-Phourka v. Astrita Hof) Born: 15-12-2006 HD-A, Norb 36 Sociaal

About Belgian Tervuren males

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is a delightful dog breed that will bring joy in your home and brighten up the days of your family. Whether you have children or you live alone, it is a breed that will suit your personality. Seen as one of the most elegant dog breeds, Tervuren needs plenty of physical activity and can successfully take care of your herd, if you have any.

Things you did not know about males

Just like females, Tervuren males are athletic, intelligent and versatile when it comes to physical activity. Regardless you breed them to have a companion when jogging, you need a watch-dog or you wish your kids to grow with a puppy, Tervuren males are a good choice for both a single puppy parent or for families. You can train your Tervuren male to bring you certain items, respond to your commands and play interesting games that will help you forget of your problems.

This breed is very affectionate with family, it is friendly with kids and adapts quite well to apartment living. However, they need some space and they certainly do not tolerate being left all alone. If your job keeps you busy and your Tervuren male is frequently home alone, expect to find some destroyed items when you will finally arrive home to your pet.

Although they are very intelligent and easy to train, they are also very energetic and might get bored very quickly. Do not expect to find your dog sleeping on a couch when you will come home at night. Your Tervuren male will cheer you up and welcome you when you will enter the home and, regardless what time it is, your pet will invite you for a walk and play together. They love to chase, so make sure you keep him firmly when you walk your Tervuren male on leash!